Last Week’s Speaker:

Rafael Santiago

Last Friday, Rafael shared with us some questions about mold. There are many kinds of mold. To really determine the type of mold it needs to be sent to a lab.
But Rafael has experienced all kinds.

Rafael reminded us of how important it is to call his
company right away if there is any type of water damage. Mainly, because he will help guide the client through the insurance process. Giving them the correct responses to the insurance companies and even helping them to decide whether to make a claim.
Using the insurance’s remediation companies may not be in the client’s best interest.

Finally, Rafael answered the question posed last week. That the worst mold is a fungus known as Pouria. It is a white fan like fungus that can eat away at wood, by draining all its moisture and hollowing it out and mostly grows near the ocean. It can do great damage.

Be sure San Diego Water Damage & Remediation Services is your first call when water damage occurs

Craige Walker of CW Pools Service

Craige Walker of CW Pools Service

Craige will share about his pool services

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