Last Week’s Speaker:

Linda Love of Integrity Accounting

Last Friday, Linda did a fantastic job of letting us know the many ways we can provide a lead for her.

First, Linda talked about the Employee Retention Credit and how there are many scams out there and how even some legit folks will take advantage of businesses and charge them without recovering any funds. Linda is honest and helpful and will only charge a small fee for helping get that credit for businesses.

Linda discussed trends in tax audits and how important it is to keep your books in order.

She also mentioned how important it is to 1099 your contractors and get their W-9 right away because it can be hard to get it later.

Finally, she answered, “how to find money” by having an accountant go over reconciliation charges. There can be a lot of waste going on. It is in the name, if you want someone with integrity, choose, Linda Love of Integrity Accounting.

This Week’s Speaker:

Laura Figureoa, of The Agency Group

Laura will provide us with updates in the insurance

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