Last Week’s Speaker:

Chuck Calwalader

Last Friday, Chuck gave a great talk. And Chuck first spoke a bit about his history in banking.

Next, he went over the philosophy of HomeStreet Bank and their belief that if the employees feel good in their job, they will pass that on to the customers.

Then, Chuck expressed how when they were opening the branch in Allied Gardens, he was unfamiliar with the community. As a La Mesa native, he would have known everyone. But it forced him to reach out to the surrounding businesses, schools, and organizations and start building those relationships.

It is all about customer relationships. With potential new clients, Chuck first asks about their current relationship with their bank. This allows him to identify the ways HomeStreet is different and how HomeStreet can benefit them.

Finally, if you or a client are in need of a bank and more importantly a banker who truly cares and is always willing to help, reach out to Chuck Cadwalader with HomeStreet Bank.

This Week’s Speaker:

Rafael Santiago of SD Water Damage
and Remediation Services

Rafael will answer the question “What is the worst kind of mold?”

Next Board Meeting Thursday, June 6th at
7:45 am at La Mesa Bistro in La Mesa