Last Week’s Speaker:

Craige Walker of CW Pools Service Boutique

Last Friday, Craige started off explaining how he prepares a comprehensive service agreement to help clarify what services will be provided. This protects both the client and CW Pools. Having a clear outline of what is expected prevents any miscommunications.

Craige shared that homes that have pools seem to sell faster. So, it is important to take care of your pool because it is an asset.

Craige has many service plans. Some plans allow homeowners to do some of the work and Craige can do checkups. Even with more frequent servicing, it is important the pool owner check the status of the pool at least twice a week. This will help if a problem occurs from getting too bad. Pool owners are also responsible for keeping the proper water level.

Craige also explained how the knowledge of chemistry is so important. His Tip: Always shower before and after going in the pool. Why? Because the products we use on our skin can affect the chemicals in the pool and can irritate our skin afterwards.

If your pool needs to go from Green to Clean, call Craige of CW Pools Service Boutique today!

This Week’s Speaker:

Kirk Texeira of Workout with Kirk

Kirk will share his knowledge of fitness drawing from his years of experience as a Fitness Trainer