Last Week’s Speaker:

Riva Beudoin of CalSunshine Insurance Services

Last Friday, shared how she had worked for Allstate for 20 years. When they first suggested Medical Insurance, Riva was a bit hesitant, but then found it to
be a great career choice that she loves.

With Obama care many things changed and not for the better. For instance, if you don’t have medical insurance, you will pay $950 a year to the government. Riva points out that is paying for others health care.

With short term disability with Aflac, where the state pays there part Aflac will get close to 100% of a person’s income. And it provides great preventive care. There are a lot of wellness incentives.

Riva is not exclusive to Aflac and can provide other coverage like dental, cancer and critical care.

Riva is a caring and walks her clients through the process. She is gets back to her clients immediately and makes sure they get what they need. Contact Riva with CalSunshine Insurance today!


This Week’s Speaker:

Terry Dickson of All Phases and Trades Corp.

Terry will be sharing his building expertise