Last Week’s Speaker:

Matt Thompson of Almighty Services, Inc.

Last Friday, Matt started off sharing that he is a native of San Diego and graduated from Monte Vista Matt was introduced to plumbing through his brother. After working for other plumbing businesses, he decided to start his own business 22 years ago.

Plumbing history: Thomas Crapper invented the toilet. And it is believed that the Romans used lead pipes in their plumbing which may have been a factor in the fall of Rome.

Matt shared that his team uses the latest in technology. For instance they have cameras for pipe inspection and detectors for leaks. They have a technique for pipe bursting that can save money if sewer pipes need replacing.

Matt explained how water pressure regulators are one of the most important devices in the home. They need to be checked regularly to prevent pipes from bursting. Matt provides a free check on these devices. Matt’s team provides, water heater replacements, slab leak repair, rerouting, sewer line repairs and all residential plumbing needs. “When your plumbing is not all righty, call Almighty” Plumbing Services.

This Week’s Speaker:

Riva Beaudoin of Calsunshine Services

Riva will be sharing the latest in her industry