Last Week’s Speaker:

Kirk Texeira of Workout with Kirk

Last Friday, Kirk started off with asking, who among us has a retirement plan? Then he asked, who has a retirement plan for their body?

Kirk is interested in working with people who are looking for a real change in their health. Kirk has an amazing system in his gym that helps analyze and evaluate a person’s current health and abilities. It is equipment used by Patrick MaHomes.

Kirk has several certifications to work with people dealing with different health problems. He also has many elderly clients that work on fall prevention.
But most of all, Kirk is interested in building relationships with his clients and helping them create a healthy lifestyle change. Kirk closed by telling his own amazing health journey.

He cares about his clients and wants them to achieve their ultimate health. He will work with the client’s doctors. Kirk has many years of personal and fitness training and experience to offer.

To get back on the road to good health, see Kirk of Workout with Kirk, today!

This Week’s Speaker:

Matt Thompsom of Almighty Services,

Matt will give some plumbing history, fun!